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security AUTH (ALPHA)

Credential Manager
Centralized management of credentials for Waze.Tools
extension CODE (BETA)

Scripts Repository
A repository to store scripts for devs and editors
lock_open UREQ (BETA)

Unlock Requests
Easily manage unlock requests in your area
gesture SIGN

Forum Signatures
Beautiful icons to be used in your forum signature
border_outer AMGR (RC)

AM Layers Manager
Manage and assign AM areas in your Country
assignment_turned_in CMON

Italy City Monitor
Italian Cities Completion Monitor for ITALY ONLY
menu_book MNTR (RC)

Mentoring Manager
Keep track of editors' skills in your Country
mail_outline MAIL

WazeItalia WebMail
Web interface to the e-Mail system
Our Friends - Other Waze enthusiast sites around the world

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